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Aftercare Instructions

Microblading and Permanent Makeup Aftercare Instructions

One of the most important factors in ensuring that you enjoy the best result from your cosmetic tattoo or microblade treatment is following the aftercare advice properly.

As cosmetic tattoo artists, we are responsible for creating a beautiful brow, lip or eyeliner – working with your preferences to choose the right pigments, shapes and methods to create a beautiful semi-permanent cosmetic enhancement.

However, how well the pigments settle and retain, and the overall healed result is largely determined by your own body – skin type, metabolism but most importantly what aftercare you follow and how you treat the tattooed area in the weeks and months to come.

One important thing to be aware of, as per the pre-treatment information you were given, is that all cosmetic tattoo treatments, (especially eyebrows), are much darker/vibrant in color for up to 2 weeks post-treatment whilst healing takes place. They will soften to a much more muted color, so please don’t be alarmed by the initial colour/darkness. It can take six weeks to see the final color result.

If, after reading this aftercare, you are unsure of anything, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help!

for Eyebrows

Please note, your tattooist will advise you on which method is most appropriate for you to follow. It will depend on your skin type and the treatment method as to which aftercare method you should follow. For ALL eyebrow tattoo treatments, ensure you avoid all of the things listed below.

Initial aftercare – directly after the treatment

Method 1

• You will be given an aftercare kit with cotton pads/water wipes and aftercare ointment.
• As soon as you arrive home, please wash your eyebrows gently with cotton pads and water. Wipe gently back and forth over the brows to remove any fluid (lymph) build up.
• From the second day, don’t touch your eyebrows or expose to steam or water. Generally, don’t apply any aftercare ointment (unless brows are feeling very tight and crusted, in which case a VERY small fingernail sized amount can be applied once a day), do not pick at any resulting crust/scab. It is important to leave any scab to fall off in its own time. Until the brows are smooth and the crusts have gone, do not wet them, touch them or expose them to any makeup, cream or ointment.
• Once healed, you can use makeup and face wash etc, but please still avoid the items listed below under "What to avoid."

Method 2

• An aftercare pack will be given to you, which contains water wipes and aftercare ointment. Use the wipes to wipe over the tattooed area every 15 – 20 minutes for the two hours, to avoid a crust forming.
• A clear fluid will weep from the tattooed area, this is to be expected. For the first 1-2 hours, wipe the brows firmly in one direction, to remove this fluid and minimize scabbing
• You will be given a very small tub of aftercare ointment – after the two hours of wiping the treatment area, use your clean finger to spread very, very thin layer of it over (use a fingernail sized amount) to sooth and protect. The whole tub should last 2 weeks with half left at this point. Using too much is detrimental to the healing.
• Apply the ointment once or twice a day – if your skin (t-zone) is very oily, do not apply it at night.
• Tepid showers are ok but don’t soak the brows or get any shampoo, soap or cleanser on the area for 7 days (use a flannel to wash your face) – this could be detrimental to the bonding process that must take place for the pigment to stabilize in the skin

What to avoid after Eyebrow Tattoo – Day 1 to 14


• MOST IMPORTANTLY – do not pick at the brows. Skin may shed, resist the urge to pick, apply a small amount of aftercare ointment to smooth them down. Picking will remove
pigment before it has settled.
• Avoid blood thinners i.e. Aspirin, Nurofen for 24 hours after and excessive intake of alcohol or caffeine, as this can hinder healing
• For first week, avoid heavy exercise that will induce sweating and saunas, spas, hot baths etc.
• Avoid touching your brows with unclean hands/fingers – try to leave them alone
• Avoid swimming, spas or saunas for 2 weeks, as this can draw the pigment out of the skin
• Don’t apply any makeup/creams/serums on/over the freshly tattooed area until healed (i.e. foundation around the brows is fine with a 2mm gap, but using an eyebrow pencil over them or rubbing moisturizer into them is not)
• Avoid cleansers, moisturizers, serums, soaps or makeup of any kind over the area (except for any in after care kit)
• Avoid strong/rejuvenating skin ingredients such as retin A, glycolic acid, masks, peels or any invasive skin treatments i.e. facial laser, skin needling.
• Avoid sunscreen or moisturisers on the area at this stage; however, be very careful of the sun and avoid exposure to strong UV i.e. solariums
• Don’t tint or dye your brows, have brow lamination or waxing/threading done until brows are totally healed.

Avoid long term

• Avoid aggressive/rejuvenating/exfoliating treatments directly on the tattooed area – i.e. peels, laser, microdermabrasion, glycolic acids (just avoid the eyebrows, can be used but with care)
• Avoid UV exposure especially facial tanning, use a sunscreen over the brows – once healed, they can fade fast if exposed to lots of UV rays.
• Avoid exfoliating the area too much – exfoliation = skin renewal = faster fading. Just wash your brows gently.
• Avoid regular brow tinting – the peroxide in the solution will fade your tattoo more quickly. Henna is a better option if you are trying to darken grey/blonde brow hairs – it is much

for Eyeliner

Swelling is usually minimal. There may be (in some clients) a slight swelling on or above the area, which could last 1- 2 days This can make the eyeliner appear thicker initially. Sometimes one side will  swell more than the other, so please don’t worry if this occurs, it will go down in 1-2 days. With eyeliner, the healing process is virtually invisible. There is sometimes a very slight tightness on the tattooed area.


  • If there is swelling, a cold compress for a few minutes at a time will help to bring it down

    • Don’t apply ice directly to the area, wrap it in plastic wrap.

  • Wear sunglasses (your eyes may feel sensitive) and minimize sun exposure

  • Avoid blood thinners, alcohol, heavy exercise for 24 hours after the treatment

  • No application of cream or wiping is necessary.

    • However, you can apply a small amount of Vaseline to the area if it feels tight or itchy

  • Sometimes there is a small amount of skin flaking – just wipe away very gently using a warm clean facecloth (not aggressively, best to come off on its own)

  • Don’t apply makeup directly over the area for 2 weeks and try not to touch the area

  • After 2 weeks, any makeup you are using in the tattooed area is clean, i.e. if using mascara use one that is brand new.

    • Clean makeup brushes properly prior to use.

  • Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to eyeliner treatment, and can be reapplied about 1 month later, when total healing has occurred.

  • A retouch can be done 4-6 weeks later, if needed – sometimes eyeliner requires a retouch, and sometimes not, it depends on your skin type and how it heals.

  • Wait 3 weeks to have any lash tinting or lash lifting treatments done or to use any eyelash serums.

for Lip Tattoo

Immediately afterwards

Your lips will look more vibrant than they will heal, and they will be swollen. This swelling will subside over the next few hours. There may also be some numbness to the lips and mouth – so avoid hot beverages/ food until the numbness has worn off.

If you are predisposed to cold sores, it is highly recommended that you have visited a chemist or Dr to obtain anti-viral preventative medication before this treatment. If you have not done this, you can risk a cold sore flare up so please make this a priority.


  • An aftercare pack will be given to you, which contains water wipes/cotton pads and aftercare ointment. Use the wipes to gently wipe over the area in the first 3 hours and apply aftercare ointment – make sure your fingers are clean

  • If there is swelling, a cold compress for a few minutes at a time will help to bring it down – don’t apply ice directly to the area, wrap it in plastic wrap

  • Continue to use your aftercare ointment for 2 weeks, once it runs out, you can use Vaseline or Bepanthen until smooth/healed

  • Use only your aftercare ointment Vaseline or Bepanthen to keep the area moist – no other lipsticks or balms whilst healing

  • Avoid everything listed below

If a cold sore does start to come up/tingle, please treat is as soon as possible with patches and/or seek pharmacist advice regarding medication. Untreated cold sores will result in pigment loss. Although we cannot recommend this medically, some clients that are prone to cold sores do like to apply a cold-sore cream after the treatment for the following few days as a preventative.


  • Caffeinated beverages or alcohol on the day of treatment

  • Blood thinning medication on the day of treatment (Nurofen, aspirin, etc.)

  • Kissing 10 days post treatment, this can cause infection and pigment not settling

  • Very spicy or acidic food at least 7 days (use a straw if drinking anything other than water)

  • Very hot (heat) food or drink for 7 days

  • Brushing teeth after the treatment on the same day (wait till the following day) – be very careful not to get toothpaste on the lips

  • Picking the crusts; allow to fall off in their own time

  • Swimming, sauna or spa/steam exposure for 2 weeks

  • Heavy exercise/sweating for 2 weeks

  • Cosmetic treatments like lip filler for 2 weeks

  • Applying lipstick for X days or lip plumping serums for 2 weeks

Other important things to note – all treatments

Lighter colors fade faster and require more frequent retouching. Generally, hair stroke tattoo/microblade is a less permanent technique than powder fill, and will fade faster (which is why a second retouch appointment is highly recommended for all brow tattoo treatments). If any unusual redness, excessive itchiness, lumps, tenderness or swelling appear on the tattooed area, please call us immediately.

It is best to wait 4-6 weeks to have your first retouch/perfection procedure done, to ensure the area is completely healed, and that the initial color has reached its final healed result. All treatments normally require a retouch/perfection visit for best results.

It is advised to have your cosmetic tattoo retouched and refreshed every 12 – 16 months to maintain the color and shape. Some skin types may need more or less regular retouching – your tattoo artist can advise you.

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