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2-5 Day PMU Classes

Start working immediately after successfully completing your Glamorous Brows Permanent Makeup Training. Our certified training program immerses you in the world of permanent makeup and educates you in all facets to start your new career.


Who is this training course for?

If you have little to no previous permanent makeup experience, this class is for you. Our certified team will teach you everything you need to know, from start to finish, to get started with a new career as a PMU artist.​

What you'll learn:

  • How to use the most modern and advanced tools

  • Advanced techniques, color theory & color correction

  • Healthcare and safety

  • Treatment aftercare 

  • Consent form use

  • And more!

Additional benefits:

  • Learn Glamorous Brows PMU techniques

  • PMU Kit included

  • Certification upon completion​​


  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate

    • Before training, students must complete and receive an online Bloodborne Pathogen Training Certificate to understand the fundamentals of how to work with blood. This certificate is also required to practice in the state of California.

  • Model practice is required on last day

Additional detailed instructions will be provided to students after class registration.

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